Action Village India (AVI)

All Madras Cafe profits go to support the work of AVI’s Indian partner organisations who work alongside villagers in some of the remotest parts of rural India so they can improve their lives, livelihoods and resilience.

AVI works towards an India which is just, fair and inclusive, where all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, caste or belief can benefit from the Country’s economic development and lift themselves out of poverty.

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More about Action Village India

AVI has worked with its partners in India since 1989. Since then, India has changed dramatically – the economy has grown at six percent a year and has a rapidly growing middle-class – yet in sharp contrast, millions in India’s deprived rural communities remain left behind by India’s economic development.

Since it was founded, AVI has been run by people who are inspired by India. They are united in their belief that every man, woman and child in rural India has the right to take control of their own life and livelihood and prosper in fair, equal communities.

AVI believes the ways forward for people-centred change should come from India itself. They achieve this through their support of grassroots organisations working directly within communities, taking forward a range of initiatives in health; girls’ education; economic empowerment of women; disability rights; women’s rights; campaigning for land and water rights; farmers’ education; women’s and children’s health. Their support is founded on the two principles that are at the core of everything AVI stands for: Partnership and Solidarity.

Central to everything Action Village India has done over the past three decades are the people who have been inspiring and working hard to forward this commitment. AVI has become a community for people whose lives have been influenced by their contact with India, want to remain in touch with the country and support those they have seen first-hand tackling rural poverty and injustice.

They have enabled thirty years of partnership, community and solidarity, creating a web of humanity that has contributed to change and making a difference in the lives of the most marginalised children, women and men in rural India.

AVI is now looking forwards to our next thirty years of partnership and solidarity. How this expresses itself will keep changing, as it has in the past. We will always continue to build on our partners’ work and their achievements in prioritising work with all marginalised people in rural India and they welcome you, your solidarity and your support for Action Village India.

AVI welcomes you to being part of making a lasting difference in rural India.