Madras Café is a group of over 150 volunteers from diverse countries, who come together annually, at WOMAD and Cosmic Puffin, to create, serve and sell authentic, vegetarian Indian food.  All profits go to Action Village India (AVI) to support “…their Indian partner organisations who work alongside villagers in some of the remotest parts of rural India so they can improve their lives, livelihoods and resilience”.

After two years of cancellations, this year – WOMAD 2022 – is going ahead and Madras Cafe will be there, as usual, in all its glory. 

However, you can still view our amazing online, 2020 virtual Madras Cafe Café Unlocked.  This magical and informative event is now available at where you can see all the activities from the five stages, including:

      • cooking displays and discussions
      • yoga and dance workshops
      • information about, and discussions with, Action Village India’s partners in India
      • classical and contemporary Indian music curated by Darbar

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